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Human Canvas photo post

15 Jul

MASP Modelo Papel

Deb Berman is a New York artist. On a recent visit to Sao Paulo, she mounted her Human Canvas piece, a painter’s version of Gilbert and George’s ‘living statues’ previously seen in Brooklyn and in Philadelphia, outside the Museu de Arte Sao Paulo (‘MASP-y’). It’s an open invitation for passers-by to paint on the human canvas of her white clothes and skin. She was concerned that they might not participate. Just try to stop them! When you compare them with US passers-by (http://daxmeb.moonfruit.com/#/interactive-art/4563424882), you may agree with me that Brasilians are indeed visually inventive.

More on this, and other Brasilian posts, at http://theproverbial.org/

Final preparations: the blindfold goes on

First Brasilian passer-by

The first brush strokes

A crowd gathers

An ‘illustrated man’ adds his touch

Delighting young and old

Alongside the red uprights of MASP

360° art

Art and attendants …

… with well-known graphic

Work in progress …

… from all angles

White on white

Blonde side

“Here I am alongside that woman being painted. Take my photo!”

Left hand blue

Eye on the city

A poppy blooms

Right arm …

… and left

Left thigh …

… and calf …

… and right …

… and right

Both feet

Flora and fauna

Sketch of MASP

Human canvas observer

Avenida Paulista, Sao Paulo

“Look, a painted lady!”

Delighting old and young

Paint and canvas

Eyes on the canvas

Painting and photography

Lizard basking in the sun

Last of the red


Evening breeze

The blindfold comes off


And here!

Human canvas



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